SOMB’R presents “Nude” EP

Florida alternative artist, SOMB’R, recently released a five song EP filled with airy sounds and delicate melodies that soothe, entrance, and challenge the listener’s understanding of indie music.

The EP is titled NUDE, and builds off of a smooth intro track “Too High,” that sets the project’s light but heartfelt tone. The song is otherworldly, which explains its title and contextualizes the disassociated feeling it activates.

Picking up a bit, the next couple of tracks feature SOMB’R’s vocals closer to the center focus of the song, and have a bit more bass etched into the stringy sounds competing at the top of the rhythm. 

Slightly mesmerized by the hypnotic music, I found it hard to classify the instruments being used or even pin down a genre. Each track is like an abstract painting: no rules, no structure, and no title. Evolving from the noise rock bands of the early indie movement, acts like Bon Iver have mastered the art of genre-bending, which is exactly what I feel SOMB’R does so brilliantly in this project. 

The vocal distortion continues in the last two tracks, and the capstone, “Hear Thru My Ears,” has (lull intro) in parenthesis. The artist is plugging a new project while also reversing the order of traditional albums. In doing this, they give the impression that this project does not have an end, and that there’s more to come that will follow the structure and themes of NUDE.

Stream this project on Apple Music and make sure to follow SOMB’R on social and Soundcloud to keep up with his organically unique style of music. 


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