SPOTLIGHT: EMoney ONE|11 talks Orlando music scene, future collaborations, and more.

E. Money ONE gives us a star studded song, a Lil Yachty feature and production by Metro Boomin’. Both of those contributors should speak up on how this song is gonna ride out. It’s short and sweet, the constant spitting from E. Money explaining to us how much he don’t give a fuck and how bright his shine is fresh out of the country, hence the title of the song. Lil Yachty actually killed this song despite his image of being a “lame rapper” within social media. This was a good team up, the flows were perfect, the delivery was great and Metro did what he does. – Raza

Fresh Out Of County (Featuring Lil Yachty) Prod. by Metro Boomin’

How long have you been making music?
I’m 23 years old, started making music for fun when I was 13 just recording freestyles on a laptop with my cousin. Shout out to that lil fuck nigga Ivey!

What made you want to start rapping?
Have always been a huge fan of the rap scene and battle rap scene, when I was 13 I ran into some friends who rapped; I gave it a try and focussed on only punchlines, on some battle rap shit… Amazed all my friends and stuck with it.

Did you think it was going to be easy at first? Is it as diffuciult as you thought it’d be?
I thought it’d be easy.. & it was easy… Because at first we all just rapped for fun more as a hobby… But now we got to that age where it was time to get out of moms house and really get a job and find a profession. When you love recording music, performing at shows and engaging with other artists and fans as much as I do it’s tough to do something for so long and not get paid for it…. Thought about giving up so many times but at this point in my life I’ve got so much recognition in my city I feel like I’m the closest I’ve ever been to finally making it out of here.

What is the hardest part about being an artist?
The hardest part would be evolving with the world because as time passes by and technology and generations change, the sounds change as well. When I first started rapping 10 years ago it was more about what you said, now it’s about how you sound.

Are you able to fund your career yet or do you have other means of making money for now?
As of now I put my life on the line every single day to make money I get it out the mud and hustle each and every way possible. A lot of the money I make gets invested into the music I make & the rest goes to paying fuckass bills.

What’s more exciting performing or recording?
Performing is definitely my favorite part about rapping; being In front of a mass amount of people and watching how they react to your craft is an undescribable feeling. MC means move the crowd so when you’re a real MC and you say “jump” the crowd will jump, you say “get low” and they get low; when you’re on stage you have all control of how things go.

What’s more difficult, writing or finding the beat?
Finding a beat is the most difficult part to making music. I go through 50 garbage beats before I find the one I like, and then writing the song can take me anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. It all depends on the energy in the air.

What are your thoughts on the Orlando scene? Has it changed over the past few years?
Nobody used to Give a fuck about is! I feel like the buzz started with Woop a few years back, then Caskey, and now we’ve got a lot of underground artists getting shine out here. The eyes are finally open to our area so it’s now or never.

Who are you favorite local artists? Any collaborations coming up?
BentleyV$OP & Dream$… When I blow up, those two are the artists who I would without a doubt never hesitate to bring with me. I’ve already got music with the hottest artists in my city from: GrownBoiTrap, 458Keez, BentleyV$OP, Dream$, Skyxxx, & more… I’m going to focus on me for right now because the fans need that; but if I could work with any local right now I think me and Danny Towers would make some music that’ll get someone’s mother slapped 🙂

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