Steezy’s Trap House: Orlando’s Creative Powerhouse

The culture-based podcast Steezy’s Trap House aims to send one message: “creatives support creatives.” It focuses on the importance of community and motivating one another.

Established in Orlando, the podcast was founded three and a half years ago. The goal is simple: to shine a light on figures of the city who haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve. “If all of us want to succeed in our respective creative lanes, we should build on those around us as well.” Said Steezy. “A community is stronger than one, and a positive atmosphere allows for more growth within our community.”

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Though the podcast started as a “shoot the sh*t and drink with friends” type of deal, it is now a hotspot for Floridian genius. “The first reason [I created this podcast] is that I wanted to be able to have my own space to express myself freely and use my First Amendment rights to the full degree.” He explained.

“If all of us want to succeed in our respective creative lanes, we should build on those around us as well.”

“The second reason is to offer a place for my friends in the community doing creative things to be able to do the exact same thing. I’ve been in Orlando for 10 years now and have always known people doing dope sh*t here. It seemed for a long time that no one was getting any type of shine or lasting recognition.”

He continues, “I wanted the Trap House to be a place where people could feel comfortable letting go and discussing their craft. When you have an elongated free-form discussion, you can really understand the context of where someone is coming from. You can hear tone, inflection, and purpose. This is my effort to be able to allow creatives to almost market themselves and attract a new audience to their work due to their personalities.”

“Podcast of the Year” at the 7MMA’s

At the Trap House, nothing is off limits. And we mean that. In fact, we encourage you to listen to each episode of the podcast and then try to name a topic that hasn’t been discussed. There is no discrimination in the Trap House. It’s believed that an essential aspect of human growth is exposing oneself to contrasting opinions and ideas. While offering opposing views to consider, the show’s ultimate goal is to put out relatable content. This goal is accomplished in its professional display of various perspectives with a lack of bias. It’s a perfect example of how to look at something objectively and respectfully while learning from it.

With no shortage of trailblazing artists in O-Town, the podcast will continue to flourish. By the end of the year, it is guaranteed that the show will be accompanied by video. The organization also aims to involve itself with more charity and community-based works in the near future.

Check out the previous episodes of Steezy’s Trap House for exclusive interviews with some of your favorite underground dreamers, and be sure to tune in to the next episode of STH.


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