Stoney Hoop presents “The Local Stranger” EP

Before I shower Stoney with a ton of compliments on his lyrical ability, beat selection, and down-right damn good project, let me start with something a little more unorthodox.

The unsung hero of this project and someone who wholeheartedly deserves some flowers is Mr. Hoop’s engineer. The vocals are crisp, clean, and professional. Paired with Stoney’s chill, yet aggressive “you know what it is” tone, it sounds like the debut project of someone just signed to a major deal, not a cool guy grinding from the mud of Tampa!

The project opens up with “Real Ones,” which easily became my favorite track. This opinion became more solidified with the corresponding video released by Stoney and Kenny H. This song is the perfect intro to this project, but also to Stoney himself if you’ve never heard a record from him before. This song details who he is as an artist and is the perfect way to jump on the bandwagon with me.

Each of the five songs on this EP speak to a different side, style, and sound from Stoney. The project rounds out with a perfect flow, from track to track. This makes each second of the 14 minute project worth a listen on repeat. “Let Me Go” is another standout for me, personally. It speaks on the determination of Stoney despite his surroundings. It’s not just a song about the doubters. It’s also about those who swear that they’re with you, but refuse to grind as hard as you. I know we can all identify with that.

The confidence level of this young MC as he foreshadows his success is something to be wretchedly proud of. I can’t say enough positive things about this project, just make sure to check it out and you’ll be sure to have the project on repeat.


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