Stop! Motion with Joseph Miranda

Winter Haven’s Joseph Miranda is bringing stop motion animation to our timelines. This illustrator, photographer, and filmmaker remain busy with his intricate projects.

His stop motion show called Francis @francistheshow will be released this year. Aside from dropping his own web series Joseph’s digital pop-out print on animations are detailed contemporary images, mounted on foam and wood. Digital artists are not always known to make their work print accessible so to not only print but to mount his digital art as a 3-D piece is mature.

Joseph’s artwork ranges across platforms. “The medium really just depends on the type of idea for me. I work in all kinds of mediums like film, digital, stop motion, sculpture, etc. so if I come up with an idea for a drawing it may be better as a t-shirt design or animation or something else? I think working with all these different mediums keeps things fun for me. I like learning new skills and using them to create. It’s better for me to learn something then put it into practice right after.”

For someone so creatively active, we wanted to know what Joseph Miranda would tell his younger self, “If I could give my younger self-advice it would probably be to save every bit of money you get! because it’s expensive and hard to be an artist.” How does Joseph stay motivated? “I feel like I get motivated and inspired by a lot of things. Like I may get motivated to get up in the morning from the thought of having some nice coffee or just an idea I had for something that just popped into my head. Just little things really. I think I’ll be doing this no matter if I make it as an artist or not.” His dedication has paid off now that art commissions are open and he has a show on the way.

How would you describe your work to someone who is visually impaired “I think for them I would just give them one of my sculptures and let them feel the work and come up with there own conclusions. I think that’s why people that make art? To experience a feeling or tell a story you can’t describe in words.”

What’s next from Joseph Miranda? He’s currently working on a book and a solo show in Miami.


INSTAGRAM @theartofjoseph

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