SV NOIR “Rebel” Directed by Moji Wilson

Just months after the release of her single “Rebel,” Tampa R&B singer SV NOIR has dropped a savvy video for the mutinous melody. 

The video is shot with a variety of different visual components and portrays the singer in many different characters. But in each act, SV uses her shift in personas to show her audience that she’s a rebel— plain and simple. 

Taking the steps to pursue art in any form is a bold step, and goes against the worker-bee mentality imposed on our generation. SV takes the chance to flaunt this badass achievement and her future aspirations within this video and song. She is shown as a businesswoman, a destructive florist, a cigarette smoking trespasser, and of course: herself.

Visually, every environment the singer performs in is unique and different from what comes before and after. The contrast in color and character is continually refreshing because it resets your mental palette and feels like six videos in one. NOIR’s chill demeanor is also complimentary and keeps the viewer in the moment, while transfixed on her mellow lines and intricate outfits. 

Credited with set design, artistic direction and SV’s style are several notable creatives like @MilliMisa and @KayPots. These individuals have shared their talents with other local acts and continue to inspire artists and musicians via videography, photography, and other ventures. SVNOIR keeps a truly talented team close by to support her and continues to prove herself as an invaluable part of the Tampa R&B scene with her beautiful music.

Treat yourself to the “Rebel” music video and keep on listening to SV’s body of work on Soundcloud and other major streaming platforms to support the artist’s rebellious ways. 


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