The Juice Box: Deep Roots in Lakeland

The search for organic food and drinks has become larger than ever as it becomes apparent that people truly care about the nourishment of their bodies. At The Juice Box, the dedication to provide for people with that focus is something their team does very well. Their passion extends into the juices and food they create with locally sourced and carefully picked organic ingredients. Their mission is to promote healthier alternatives and supplying proper nutrients to their customers.

The Juice Box is located in Lakeland, Florida and has a special dedication to the people in their community. They have two locations in South Lakeland with one located inside the local YMCA. They have a dedication to their local consumers to transform the options they have available. The staff are all knowledgeable about the items they serve. Any of those looking to learn about a better and healthier lifestyle will be reluctant to learn from these individuals.

When asked what was the best option for those not familiar with nutrient enriched juices and smoothies, it was recommended that they start with the Iron Man Juice, which is a blend of kale, dandelion, pineapples, and oranges. There is also the Oh Kale Yeah which is a smoothie blended with kale, pineapples, bananas and mylk (a plant based, dairy free, milk alternative). There are also shots of juice with E3Live booster shots. These are essentially the strongest superfood known. They contain about 65 different vitamins and are derived from blue-green algae.

The ingredients and staff’s understanding of their options prove just how great this juice bar really is. They have some great food options as well. The options are mostly vegan friendly and super accommodating for those with any allergies. When speaking with Bri, the store manager, she highly recommended the Buddha Sparx Bowl. She also took the time to mention that the staff are mostly vegan and vegetarian so there is plenty of help and guidance for those who seek it.

The Juice Box and all that they stand for proves to be a shining example of what organic and healthy alternative vendors should be.

4295 South Florida Ave Lakeland, FL 33803
3620 Cleveland Heights Blvd Lakeland, FL 33803 (Inside the YMCA)


INSTAGRAM @thejuiceboxlakeland
FACEBOOK TheJuiceBoxLakeland

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