The Summit Presents “Def Cat”

Soft indie, raw acoustics, pure lyrics. Only a few of the many ways to describe the interesting flow of “Def Cat”, the debut album of the Hollywood, Florida band by the name of The Summit. With this project, they prove that the music scene in Florida is more than just vivacious raps and obnoxious sounds.

The influences from many rock – alternative, classic, folk backgrounds were present but extremely personalized to fit The Summit’s own personality. With four members in the band, it was amazing to hear the incorporation of every instrument in almost every song; from lead singer and songwriter’s Timothy LaRoque’s pleasing guitar solo in “Beachside Girl” or Lenny Arias’ smooth saxophone intro in “Red Sea”. The entire nine track album was intense but with more than charming and cruising sounds that complimented each other in many ways.

“U – N – I”, the first song on the album was one that displayed not only what every member does for the band but the message they can offer. Even with some of the songs reaching up to almost six minutes in length, not a single moment was boring. “Your Gold Ain’t Super” was extremely raw with loud guitar plucks and essential drum rhythms, where Arturo Llapa’s talent talent really shined. Another element of this album which was very interesting were the lyrics about love, life, feelings, and time; all relatable to one of us in very different ways each. Melodic sounds rushing into your ear, this band was a very compelling but impressive way to learn about the South Florida band scene. 


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