#THEBEATBOX: Interview with Eddy Braveaux

Eddy Braveaux is an artist/producer based out of Jacksonville, Florida who uses his fluid production style to his own advantage. Currently releasing self-produced mini projects as a part of the “BRVX AirDrop” series, Eddy Braveaux has returned to the scene with an unmatched fury and a consistent work ethic.

We had the chance to talk to him about his recently released projects, his favorite albums from last year, and how he first got into music production on this week’s segment of #THEBEATBOX, powered by [beatsnchill].

How long have you been producing for and how did you first get into it?
Been producing for about 13 years.

In 6th grade I did a rendition of Lean Back by Fat Joe for a talent show we had and everyone went nuts. At that point I knew I needed to feel that again.

So in 7th grade, I used to make these goofy ass super hero raps for my classmates to enjoy and eventually got addicted to making people light up.

Obviously I was too young at that age to buy beats and didn’t care to steal em so I copped the demo version of FL Studio 7, got to work, started recording the beats on my flip phone and played em in school for everyone.

Been in love ever since.

Eddy’s track, “The Hills Have Eyes”, is probably my favorite track that he’s produced. His fluid production style pairs up perfectly with his multiple flows.

How would you describe your sound?
I’d describe it as fluid because I can switch it up at will. rap game yoshimitsu fr.

Do you produce mostly for yourself or do you like to produce for other artists as well?
Mostly for myself as of recently. I’ve worked with a few people in the past and I like to but that’s not something that I chase after. I have a laissez-faire approach when it comes to collaborations.

What are some challenges and upsides to producing for yourself as a rapper too?
Challenges include the amount of time it takes for me to create a song compared to those who just rap or just produce. I mix everything from the ground up but in the same light it’s the biggest upside as I have full creative control of my vision to the slightest detail.

Are you working on any collaborations or projects right now or planning to release anything soon?
I’m always working on something, nothing I can speak on but I recently dropped a series of mini projects.

This solely instrumental track proved that Eddy’s beats can stand on their own, as well as with his rapping vocals alongside them. I really dig the mellow vibes and the subtle beat switch ups throughout the track.

Can you tell me a bit about those projects?
They’re called BRVX Airdrop 001, 002, etc. which is a double entendre playing off of Apple’s AirDrop concept, as well as military airdrops.

Each one contains 3 genre-bending tracks and further down the line, they might contain a few more digital goodies.

Who are some of your musical influences?
Don’t let anybody over the place with it because I can appreciate and enjoy people from all walks of life.

But as of recently, Wild Nothing, Muddy Monk, Timbaland, K Dot, Wizkid, Lil Wayne, Mondo Grosso, Toro Y Moi, Kings of Convenience, Rico Nasty, Soulja Boy, and too many more to name. It’s a little bit of gold in everybody and that’s how I walk this earth.

What were your top five favorite projects from last year?
In no order: Die Lit, ye, Ox, Longue Ride, Whack World
Honorable mentions: ?, Astroworld, Life’s a Trip

Don’t be scared to work for free sometimes. Relationships are a form of currency.

Has the creative scene in Jacksonville helped shape your career or sound in any way?
But of course, as long as the theory remains that we’re a product of our environment. Creators all over the world influence those around me as well so whether it’s direct or indirect, the scene I’m in will always have some sort of effect on my craft.

Are there any recurring themes usually found in your music?
I leave that up to the listeners.

What are some milestones that you have passed in your music career so far?
Been featured in a few blogs including Fader, almost at a milli in streams, but most importantly I’ve made a difference in a few peoples lives according to them.

Would you mind going into a bit more detail about how you made some of those differences?
Well I’ve had someone tell me that I helped her get thru making a huge cultural transition from Japan to Australia. The language barrier was tough and she said my music helped her because it was like “it understood her” rather than the other way around.

The instrumental on this track is super catchy and compliments both Eddy’s singing and raps that performs on this song.

What are a few of your music related goals moving forward?
I’m not really a specific goal-oriented person because my idea of success comes in so many forms but some broad and basic goals of mine are to be able to sustain myself and my fam solely off my music and to be remembered as one of them the greatest to ever do it (the right way) when I die.

What would be some advice you would give to another aspiring producer?
Don’t let the internet fool you. Don’t be scared to work for free sometimes. Relationships are a form of currency. Even Amazon Prime has a free trial.

And for the artist/producers out there, don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do both or you’ll sit and wonder what-if for the rest of your life

Was there anything else you wanted to share or any shout outs you wanted to give?


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