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Kaixen is a Miami based producer whose name you can find listed on the production credits of artists such as Sniper Gang members, Kodak Black, Twelve’Len, and many more. We had the chance to talk to him about his recent and upcoming work on this week’s edition of #THEBEATBOX, hosted by [beatsnchill].

I wanted to start by asking how long have you been producing for and how did you first get started doing it?
About 6 years, started when I was 21, I’m 27 now. I just started making beats and music for myself & friends, the rest is history

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
Pink Floyd, John Mayer, Michael Jackson, Hendrix, The 1975, Kanye

This instrumental is incredibly smooth and I love Kaixen’s use of samples. I can definitely hear the dark and unapologetic aspects of his production on this one.

Would you say you’ve fully developed your own sound and if so, how would you describe it yourself?
Definitely think so, I’d say dark, sensual, ambient and unapologetic.

What are some of the things you enjoy the most about making music?
Music has always been my form of therapy, it keeps me leveled & working with other great people. I’ve made some of my closest friends through music.

What are some of the long term goals you hope to achieve in terms of music?
Signing a pub deal, having my own label/brand/imprint & work with the best in the game.

Kaixen opening his first Billboard plaque.

Who are some of those artists that you consider the best in the game right now and would want to work with?
Man there’s so many, at the end of the day it’s just perspective of who you think is the best but Pharrell, Timbaland, Benny Blanco, Kanye, Rick Rubin, Max Martin, all legends…I’d love to work with them all as well as some others I see killing it like Garren Sean, Take A Daytrip, Matt Healey, Murdabeatz, Metro Boomin, Mike Crossey, John Feldman, Matt Squire….I could go on for days.

I liked this track because it helped me appreciate how versatile Kaixen’s production style is. Delia Dane’s voice sounds amazing over this beat but at the same time I could imagine someone easily rapping over it as well.

What would you consider some of the unique advantages or disadvantages when working with other producers as opposed to vocal artists?
It’s all the same to me really. It’s all about getting the person you’re working with to feel comfortable. If you’re not easy to work with, you’re simply just not easy to work with. At least in my experience. I pride myself on working with great talent so in my experience it’s always fluent and easy.

Have you released anything recently and are you in the process of working on anything new at the moment?
I just produced a record for Delia Dane & Twelve’Len called so good and another called euphoria by Silk Mathews that came out Friday. Have another record with Lex Allen featuring Savannah Cristina coming this month as well as another song on the new Jackboy tape coming out shortly as well. I’ll be releasing my own music in September and have many other projects/singles in the works for 2019.

How involved are you in Miami’s creative scene?
Tbh I don’t feel I’m as involved as I was years back. I work with a lot of artist from here. Im more of a studio rat/homebody now so I don’t really know much going on other than what I see on the internet. But I definitely keep my eyes and ears close to what’s happening.

Similarly to how I felt about “Not Faking”, I love hearing someone rap over Kaixen’s beats because it emphasizes how well both sung vocals and rap vocals sound on his compositions.

What are your top five projects of the year so far?
Don’t think there’s been a project this year i’ve been crazy about tbh.

Were there any projects that dropped last year that stood out to you?
A Brief Inquiry to Online Relationships by The 1975, Championships by Meek, Astroworld by Travis, Where Neon Goes to Die by Steven A Clark, last year was dope for music.

Who are a few of your favorite local artists?
Twelve’Len, Gaby G, Savannah Cristina, Sean Brady, K. Charles, & Cesar Santalo.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring producers?
Be in this shit for the right reasons. Do it cause you enjoy it. Work hard, don’t listen to anyone, stay focussed and believe in yourself & God. Shit will happen if you can follow that.

Producer Credits: Kodak Black, Twelve’Len, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Sniper Gang, Jackboy, JK The Reaper, Gaby G, Savannah Christina, Delia Dane, Lex Allen, Silk Mathews


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