#THEBEATBOX: Interview with Martyr

Martyr is an Orlando based producer who recently relocated from Tampa. He stays true to his own vision and standards with his production and doesn’t fall into the trap of conforming for others. We had the chance to ask him about his beginnings in production, what he’s worked on so far this year, and his inspirations on this week’s segment of #THEBEATBOX, powered by [beatsnchill].

I wanted to start by asking if there’s any story or inspiration behind your artist name?
My first and only other producer name before this one was BRUNO$E and that shit sounds lame so I had to switch it up lol. I gave myself the name Martyr because I’ll die for what I believe in and that’s God and music.

How long have you been producing for and how did you first get started?
I’ve been at it seriously for 6 years. My best friend since middle school had Fl studio 9 on his computer so we used to mess around with it every now and then whenever I would come over but we didn’t start to really take it to serious then. I was more into making mixes on Virtual DJ at that time.

Would you say that you’ve developed your own sound as a producer and if so could you describe it yourself?
I can’t say that I’ve developed my own sound yet but shit I feel like I’m getting closer every day. I just be making shit off my vibes and try to make it sound as fye as possible.

What are a few of your major inspirations when it comes to music production?
Gucci Mane and Zaytoven is one of them. Nuri and SpaceGhostPurrp is always fye. And Dirty Vans when he was making drill music for artistS like Fredo.

Are you working on or planning to release any new collabs or projects?
Not at the moment.

Can you tell me about some of the songs or projects you’ve worked on so far this year or during last year?
I’ve done a lot of work with 7heo and Miles Hii these past 6 months. I also executive produced and engineered with my bro Shocked B on Iceyboykane’s latest EP “Love The Game”,  go check that out.

Are there any specific traits or sounds you look for when it comes to working with other artists?
Yeah, just don’t suck.

What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this year in terms of your career?
I really just be clicking shit until I find something that sounds good so I plan on learning how to play the piano. Once I get right on the keys I feel like it will take my production to another level.

What are a few of your thoughts on the Orlando creative scene?
It’s fye, I’ve only lived here for a year and I’ve already met hella talented people who work hard at their craft every day. Every one of them deserves more recognition. Can’t forget about where I come from though, Tampa is home to a lot of great artists as well.

Who are a few established artists that you’d want to work with if given the chance?
Uzi, Chief Keef, Money Man

What do you think sets you apart from other producers?
I make music that I want to make, not what other people want and I only send beats to artist that I think would slide on my beats cause some of these people be tweaking lmfao.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring producers?
Don’t make type beats. Make what you want to make. people will fuck with you for being yourself and if they don’t it just wasn’t meant to be so keep working.

Was there anything else you wanted to mention or any shout outs you wanted to give?
Shout out to 44, AMPM, Shock Value & Ballforever we’re going to take over the world.

Producer Credits: Yung Sumo, 7heo, Miles Hii, Iceyboykane

On “HardBody” by Yung Sumo, Martyr shows off a versatile beat that compliments Yung Sumo’s aggressive flow super well.

This track by Iceyboykane is off of an EP executively produced and engineered by Martyr. The beat has an ominous and dark tone to it and compliments the bars of both Iceyboykane and Greenlight Sammy who was also featured on the track.

The instrumental on this track is probably my favorite beat I’ve heard by Martyr. His beats compliment aggressive flows really well and convey tones that match the content of the bars the rappers that rap over them spit.


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