#THEBEATBOX: Interview with Mr.Alexis

Mr. Alexis, a Miami based producer, has been producing for over a decade and is well on his way to becoming a well-known name amongst other Florida creatives. We had a chance to talk to him about his experience performing at III Points, his musical influences, favorite projects of the year, and more on this week’s edition of #THEBEATBOX, hosted by [beatsnchill]. 

I wanted to start by asking how long have you been producing for and how did you first get into doing it?
I’ve been making noise for 10+ years. I started off doing mashups of hip hop acapellas with already known instrumentals. One day I just wanted to make something that went along with those acapellas. That’s how I got into making beats.

Would you say you’ve fully developed your own sound and if so, how would you describe it yourself?
No. I try to learn and evolve. I try a lot of styles and add elements that I think are mine. But nothing I can say “yeah that’s all me”.

On this remix of ‘Overnight Celebrity’, Mr.Alexis shows off his crazy mixing skills by bringing new life and rhythm to a classic Kanye West beat.

What are a few of your main musical influences?
Cam’ron/ Dipset for sure. I didn’t want to start music until I heard some records on a minidisc player. That changed the way I looked at music. The way they sampled was crazy. At the time I only listened to Rock. There’s also the indie scene, for a while I was sampling and trying to master that style. Can’t leave out the homies, My taste for pounds grew when I started listening to the talent we have in Florida. I’ve been blessed enough to meet and work with people whom I consider legends like Nick León and Lautlos. Seeing and hearing the stuff they made really opened eyes to not being limited.

Beat makers and producers are the ones that make the records. Producers deserve just as much shine as the artist.

Are you big on using sampling still in your own beats?
I was but now that I’m focusing on getting placements and selling records, I stopped.

What are a few of your thoughts on the trend of more producers being acknowledged and being the focus of attention in mainstream rap media nowadays?
That’s a beautiful thing! Beat makers and producers are the ones that make the records. Producers deserve just as much shine as the artist.

Are you working on any projects or releasing anything new soon?
Always working on projects. I recently dropped something with a friend. Montezuma & Mr. Alexis – Por Fin. Working on a secret project with another local. Also working on an experimental tape the working title is “quieter now.”

I can definitely hear Dipset & Cam’ron’s influence in the way that Mr.Alexis uses his samples and in the overall tone to the beat. I really enjoy his production because it stands out heavily amongst the more traditional southern trap beats that Miami and generally the rest of Florida’s producers are more known for.

Are there any specific qualities or sounds you look for in the artists you collaborate with?
Absolutely nothing. As long as you know to tune your 808s, we can work.

What are some of your long term music related goals?
Long term is: Making a living from music would be nice. But for now just to Inspire someone and help someone grow as an artist.

Have you hit any personal milestones in your career so far?
Oh hell yeah. I played IIIpoints, 2 years in a row. I never thought I would see over 100k plays on SoundCloud (Thank you to anyone who has ever pressed play). I get write ups about songs I release. It’s all pretty cool.

If the Miami Creative scene actually let people in and worked together we all would be getting the recognition we all deserve.

Can you share more about your experience performing at III-points those two years?
I got to play an all original set, and have streamed it live on WVUM the 1st year. Met FLYLO, that was unreal! Nothing like getting an opportunity to show something you worked in a small room, getting to see people’s reaction, and see amazing acts; locals included (Got to play with friends , and saw Twelve’Len live for the 1st time there). The second year I got see DJ EARL kill a set for what seems like 10 hours. Really surreal experience.

What are some of your favorite albums that have dropped so far this year?
Key! – So Emotional
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Bandana
Benny Sings – City Pop.
Kyle Dion – Suga

This is probably one of my favorites from Mr.Alexis’ discography. Its upbeat and rhythmic production would make the perfect backdrop for some uplifting and introspective bars, but still has the strength to stand on its own.

What are your thoughts on the Miami creative scene?
I know it’s been said but it has to be said again. If the Miami Creative scene actually let people in and worked together we all would be getting the recognition we all deserve.

Do you have any advice that you would give to new or aspiring producers?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others. Use sound kits that are not your in your style. You’ll be surprised at what you can find in other genres. Your way isn’t always the best way and you want to learn and grow every-time you are with someone who does/uses another DAW.

That’ll be all the questions I had for you, was there any shout outs you wanted to give or anything else you wanted to mention?
Thanks for the interview, really appreciate it. Shout to MIEUX MAG for some of my 1st artist write ups, Thank you for the interview, love to the mandem & Chess Club. Be on the lookout for more noise from me.

Producer Credits: Philo B, T.W.I.M.C, Nick Leon, Danny Son, Melikpetit, Montezuma


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