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evin Carbo, aka ProducedbyCapi, is an award winning producer based in Fort Myers who focuses on creating latin, hip hop, and pop music and excels at finding the balance of sounds between the three. With credits ranging from Stevie J to Bizzy Crook, we had the chance to talk to ProducedbyCapi about his background in production, winning his Latin Grammy award, his production studio based in SWFL, and more in this week’s edition of #THEBEATBOX, powered by [beatsnchill].

I wanted to start with asking how long have you been producing for?
12 years. I was around 12-13 when I got into it.

What got you interested in it?
Music/sounds always caught my attention. At first it was just learning to play piano, then it was creating my own melodies, then getting into middle school I made friends who introduced me to making beats. Just kept going since then.

I’ve loved Capi’s production on the song Skeletons by Brendan Bennett since I first heard the song. The beat has so much energy and life to it and changes to match the delivery of both artists on the track. I really appreciate how despite some of Capi’s production being a lot more pop oriented than hip-hop, Brendan’s and other artists’ he’s worked with raps never seem out of place on his beats.
Who are some musical influences that you’ve had while developing as a producer?
As far as producers early on, I was a fan of The Runners, Diaz brothers, Justice league, Timbaland. On the latin side, I came up alot on reggaeton producers Nely & Tainy, Luny Tunes. More recent influences i’d say Frank dukes, Take a Daytrip, & Louis Bell. Good mix of different vibes.

Have you always made both latin and hip hop music?
Yes. Pop as well.

Do you have a preference out of three when it comes to what kind of music you like making best or what kind of music you think you’re best at making?
I’d say in that gap of latin & pop. The rhythmic factor in latin music comes natural to me so finding a way to blend both & create a crossover sound was always something I leaned towards.I just love the process of finding the perfect balance between several genres.

Cool. That actually ties into me wanting to ask you about the Latin Grammy you won. Was that for your production on a single record or for an entire album?
It was for the album. I had 2 records on it, one I produced & another I co-produced.

When you first made the records did you think they’d go on to win awards?
Not at all. The journey that some of these songs take from how they start to where they end up is crazy. I’ve felt good about many records but you just never really know what’s gonna happen in the end.

“3 Nights” by Dominic Fike is one of my favorite records by ProducedbyCapi. The production on this track embodies the SWFL vibes to me and Dom’s vocals are incredibly smooth. One thing I can say about Capi’s production is that when I hear a track produced by him nothing comes to mind when I think of similar sounding songs, it’s always a unique creation.
Has winning that award helped your career in any way?
For sure. It put more industry eyes on me. I was already working with the right people during that time & we all experienced the win together, so more opportunities came through for all of us. The real work began afterwards.

Have there been any notable people from the industry that you’ve linked with and have left a positive impact on you?
Definitely…Really it’s mostly my peers that I work with day to day that inspire me the most. We feed off of one another. I’ve shook hands with just about everybody there is in the latin industry, & there’s always something positive from every encounter. I’m not much of a name dropper.

Focus on making good music. Not money. — ProducedbyCapi

Speaking of your peers, I follow a lot of artists from the SWFL area and I’ve seen different posts on social media of several of them working with you at The Facility recording studio. Can you talk a bit about The Facility and working with different local artists there?
I started The Facility in 2013. It was just a small room in a shared office space. For years I ran my set up out of there, engineered & produced many of the local acts in the area. The business kept growing, & became a hotspot for recording & mixing in Southern Fl.

My staff now runs majority of the sessions, but I’m in there occasionally with artists I’m developing & producing for.Its considered home. Lots of memories there & we’re continuing to make them. Some the most special records to me were made there.

Would you say you have your own distinct sound or style as a producer?
I think everyone has their sound. I usually try to stick a funny sound or melodic/percussive element that runs in quietly in the back. That’s common in a lot of my stuff. I’m big on specific drum mutes too.

As someone that’s been involved in the creative scene in SWFL for a while do you think it’s grown substantially since you first started making music?
It’s made a lot of progress but could still grow more. There’s been almost a mini-renaissance the last 2 years. More creatives are popping up, working together. We started to see more collectives, indie media outlets, promoters, interviewers, all coming together to shed light on our area. When I started, there wasn’t fans or any real support of local music. At least not with the kids making urban shit. Maybe the older rock n roll fellas down at the bar had something going on, but for the most part, it was dead (no offense to the rock heads) anyways, the support system is much stronger now, & there’s a lot of really dope people stepping out to the light. Dom signing to Sony alone is already opening a huge door for SWFL.

The track Elizabeth by Seno is my final pick for songs produced by Capi that I’ve really enjoyed. It was one of the first songs where I heard and recognized his producer tag and comes off of one of the first projects from a SWFL native that I’ve had on repeat. Like a lot of other tracks produced by Capi, it’s hard to place Elizabeth’s production within one genre and both the sung and rapped vocals on it fit the production really well.
Are you working on any new records or projects that you can tell us about?
I got a record with the homie Matt Hunter Ft Isabella Moner coming out in a few days. Also a recent single out with Dominic fike called 3 Nights that i’m excited about. I somehow landed Ricky Martin on a record which I’m not sure when will come out haha..featuring C.Tangana, super dope artist out of Spain. Working on Brendan Bennetts next ep, Wxnder Y’s ep, & a string of singles for Chris Catlin. Just trying to work with a lot of people that cover different grounds.

What have you been listening to lately?
Lately its been Rosalia, Young the Giant, Post Malone, Billie Eilish, Social House..

What are some of your favorite projects that released so far this year?
Dont Forget About Me Demos – dominic fike

East Atlanta Love Letter -6lack

Mihty – jeremih, ty dolla

Vibras – balvin

Camila- camila cabello

What are some long term goals you’ve set for yourself in terms of your career?
I’d like to establish a solid production team of writers & producers. Set them up with the right opportunities & help them grow. I like connecting dots for others. I see that being a main focal point of mine in the future.

What’s some advice you’d give to new producers?
Focus on making good music. Not money.


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