Tiffany Snow: But You Can Call Her Picasso

Tiffany Snow is a Tampa based visual artist by way of Baltimore. As a painter it is apparent she draws her vision from real life experiences. From scenic landscapes to familiar faces in popular culture her images reflect an intimate vision of everyday life eloquently portrayed on canvas. Snow is sending a message with her work, she does not shy away from political themes. I admire when artists are able to take the noise of our political landscape and then articulate it into the focal point of a passionate piece.

Reoccuring themes for Tiffany, also known as Picasso Snow include but are not limited to subjects that center black and popular culture, politics, and examinations of the relationship between money and power. In ‘Alternative Facts’ Snow focuses the work on the 45th President of the United States. Although it was commissioned for a political magazine and not for sale the striking image has the American flag surrounded by flames, while Donald Trump is wearing a suit with some of his most notorious lies.

In this artist’s work there is something for everyone. Beyonce stans would enjoy ‘Lemonade’ a piece where Picasso Snow pays homage to the Queen Bey’s revolutionary album. A conscious pro-black individual might want ‘Militant’ a depiction of a defensive Malcolm X. There is even a canvas that can appreciated by school age children with ‘The Foundation’, an ode to black girl magic.

Outside the iconic and Afrocentric pieces Picasso Snow also examines nature and popular culture. ‘Wisdom’ is a an acrylic piece on a stretched canvas with a striking view of an elephant. Admirers can feel the wisdom on this endangered beauty through the eyes. I love pieces that explore the natural beauty of the plants animals and the depth they hold on this earth. ‘Paper Chase’ is a reimagination of Pac Man but instead of eating the little white dots, Pac Man is going after Hamilton’s. This cartoonish imagine is relatable because at the end of the day we are all just little Pac Men trying eat while living through the pressure of late capitalism.

What makes Snow’s artwork distinct? In her own words, “Infatuation with clean lines, uniformity, and complimentary colors. Though the foundation is always the same, the goal is to create no two paintings alike. Whether it is landscape, abstract, minimal, or extremely detailed work, trying to invoke a different emotion and style with each project.”

Tiffany Snow’s work, including canvas, prints and customized clothing, are available to purchase through her site. She is currently updating her portfolio with new art but you can order your personalized commission on her website Picasso Snow.

-Angelica-Joy Dumervil


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