Tre Butler “Afraid” Directed by MojiWilson Films

“Afraid,” a masterful, inspiring, and truthful sentiment to the problems and insecurities of life. Everyone has a distinct path with troubling times, past traumas, and painful truths that can hinder your progress and make you lose yourself. Tre Butler makes this all clear on the track produced by Emani. Similar to a J. Cole sound, Tre Butler skillfully manipulates the beat and tells listeners a story, while honoring deceased loved ones. The video filmed by MojiWilson Films features a cabin in the woods, with a rainy setting that accentuates the emotion of the song. The video pans him in distinct scenes where he carries the flow of the song so steadily without haste; the settings are shadowy, yet appeasing.

“I’m just praying it’s the right way I’m headed now, still I keep on moving…” reads the chorus of the song, which is infectious in its message and passion. In the video, Butler deeply embodies his movements in the words he is saying, you can tell he is speaking from the soul. As he walks through the woods, it’s definitely tying the main idea of his lyrics to his movements, regardless of all the factors that he’s battling against him. What made it the most enjoyable was the way the video was not overly dramatic. If anything, it showed off his isolation and longing to find himself, especially with the setting displayed forward. His genuine lyrics are always at display. I was very much surprised with how impressive the bars were, as well as the way they perfectly sat on the lyrics.

Therefore, it is not surprising to know that with the release of his debut album “What About Before?,” he aims to use his past experiences as a means of coping with the death of his father and telling his narrative in the way it should be. Yet, to be real, there are no complaints, as a fan of passionate music I could tell this was a song from the heart, and not just views. After seeing this video, I’m beyond excited to see what Butler has in store after this.


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