Trevor Gla$$ “THE COME UP” Directed by Shuttle Films

Florida is home to so much art, music, sounds, and visions that create one of the most diverse scenes. Yet, if there is something that we Floridians all understand is that, in this state, we keep it real to our truth, and strive for what we want. Melbourne artist, Trevor Gla$$ speaks on this as he represents his home state as he raps on “THE COME UP”. His name appears on the screen in white, except the O is an orange with Florida’s shape next to it and money signs in a bright green. His Florida pride is always going a long way.

Shot by Shuttle Films, the scenes show the artist linking up with a friend. An introduction begins while Gla$$ gets into his friends car, and smiles with a mouth full of gold teeth. Florida things… you know. He begins to rap on screen about his truth, and about wanting everything. Different scenes of him riding outside the window of the car are shown, the sunset, and ocean right there on the left. It was innovative and interesting to see how he represented Florida by showing what many of us are accustomed to, without the overwhelming abuse of it.

“Let’s be real about shit change…” he raps, explaining how many people he has lost in the growing process due to misunderstandings and switching up. It was great to see how he rode Yung Tago’s beat so easily all the way utill the ending seconds of the track, where the beat fades off and he just continues to spit bars, smiling and laughing at the camera. Out for about a month, the video is only a small proof of what this artist is truly capable of. It’s far and few between for artists get attention and gain attraction when they aren’t from larger, more mainstream cities. But in this case, Trevor Gla$$ is definitely one to watch with endless potential. 


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