Vern SR. “Get Yo Life” Directed by Tristan Chandra

The first scene we get is of a grainy, black and white neighborhood. The Mandalay Social Club logo pops up on the screen and soon flickers away to present the entire scene in full color as an old Toyota rolls up. In the driver’s seat is Vern SR. staring out the window in a white tee. He stops the car, rolls up his window, and begins to count a set of bills. One, two, three, four, five, and then a two-dollar bill… $7. The lucky seven. Turning off the ignition, he opens the car door and jumps out as the beginning of the song commences… “Get yo life together before you f*** with me.”

As he enters a two-story house, the song continues and we see him go into a room where three different characters are gambling. Similar to the shaky beginnings of a Quentin Tarantino film, we are introduced to the different characters other than Vern SR. Joe Bucks-A-Lot, Scarlet Rose, and Chip all join to play a game of poker.

As the first single off of the upcoming “YEADILLAC” album, the song is chill. In a steady tone, Vern SR. explains his own persona and his reasons to stay quiet, humble, and “secure the bag.”

I thought it was an interesting concept for a video because it fit well with the confidence of the lyrics, as he always has a very cool and composed look on his face. It is also notable that Vern has a few outfit changes throughout the video, becoming more stylish and sophisticated as he wins the poker game against Scarlet Rose and rides off in a black Ford Mustang.

The mood to this entire video was one that reflects the easy-going nature of the beat, I am definitely excited to see where Vern SR. takes this sound as he prepares for the release of his upcoming album.


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